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kinda there, but not really

    thrifted oxford shirt, black milk skinnies, prada lace up booties

    Perhaps this was the wrong time to start a blog since I have already fallen behind with posting. I'm sorry but it's really hard to come up with outfits when it's a whopping 90 degrees and you're used to 60-70 degree weather! I was literally living in a tank top and shorts for a few days. I've also been sleeping for once and well... I'll stop there. Today's outfit is not very interesting but for the sake of the survival of this blog, I'll post it. The top is a men's oxford shirt with a nice oversized fit over a loose silkblend tank top paired with wax coated skinnies tucked into my lace up booties. Easy and simple does the job, right?

    (Yes, I am aware that I am showing a bit much in the picture below. Ahh well, enjoy?)

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