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feels like summer

    button up skirt from japan, lux crochet swimsuit, thrifted cut-out oxfords

    First off, I want to thank everyone for the comments about my room! Strangely enough, it is usually that clean (with the exception of a stray sweater here or there) thanks to my momma's constant nagging concerning the importance of living in a clean space. The calendar is a Stendig calendar from La Garçonne which I got using my Chic points from Chictopia!

    Now that it's finally starting to look like June in the Bay Area, I wanted to try exposing some skin so I donned this one piece crochet swimsuit from UO with a slightly more conservative skirt. Maybe one day I'll post what the rest of the swimsuit looks like if I'm up to it. Or rather, if I actually find an excuse to wear it by itself. The beaches up here aren't exactly swimsuit-friendly and the closest thing we have to a pool is a kiddy one at my friends' house.

    (And now, presenting a very poorly focused picture of me without make up. I don't know what hurts eyes more, the focus or my face!)

    out of focus

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