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big big update

    american apparel bandeau bra, thrifted floral skirt, vintage shoes+sunnies, bottega veneta clutch

    It's too hot here! I've been living in tank tops and shorts every day. Between meeting up with these two lovely gals and hanging out with family, I haven't really done anything too spectacular during my time here. I'm pretty sure I've gained a few pounds and every attempt at exercise has been undermined by my inability to leave my air conditioned house. Oh well. Wore this out a few days ago while I desperately wished the shops in Old Town and Paseo were in an indoor mall. Walking around in the sun was impossible! I've been having a bit of a dry spell when it comes to shopping as well. Not really sure what I want anymore to be completely honest.


    I explained this on my Twitter but in the end I found a pair of Jimmy Choo frames that were too good not to take home. They're super light while still being different from any other pair I've owned! Maybe I'll buy the Oliver Peoples glasses sometime in the near future. In case anyone was wondering, I would have gone with the tortoise shell frames! Thanks again for all the suggestions! And just for kicks, here is a super short clip of me repeating a certain Japanese phrase my friend Melissa taught me after coming back from a year abroad. There's more to it but it's way too embarrassing T_T

    Finally, since I can't resist, here's a few photos from my last sushi adventure at my favorite sushi place, Ichima, in Pasadena. I need to get my film developed so hopefully there are a few gems in there! Fingers crossed! Expect a post tomorrow or Thursday.


    salmon sashimi

    crunch rolls

    philly rolls

    salmon close up

    ps. Is anyone else getting self conscious about how many times you use exclamation point in a post? Not gonna lie, I may actually talk like that. My voice can get pretty high pitched, right Lulu?

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