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rain, really?

    vintage duffel coat, zara dress, thrifted cutout oxfords + bag, american apparel tights

    I don't usually do headless shots but my face looked way too annoyed with the damp situation that I was in. Why is it that the one day you want the weather to be nice it ends up being a complete shitshow? Fridays are usually our date days since we both have it off but it just so happened that this week's coincided with crappiest weather of the week. It didn't just rain, it poured! How is that possible when Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday were so sunny and beautiful? Nevertheless, errands had to be attended to and we made the most of it. I'll save the dinner post for later in the week.

    I was a total cranky pants that day until I got out of the rain and shoved this ham sandwich (with provolone and sundried tomatoes!) from a local deli down my throat. One of the things BF and I have in common is the degree to which we are affected by a lack of food: our worst (but not very serious) blow ups with each other are usually caused by being extremely hungry. Seriously, one moment I'll be snapping at him for no reason and the next I'll be addressing him with one of our many pet names for each other while downing a cheeseburger and of course, when the time comes, he'll do the same to me. It's hard to explain on the internet but you get the picture.

    On another note, I think I will be listing more clothes in my blog shop around 7pm Pacific time. Stay tuned!

    ETA: The shop is finally updated with a bunch of dresses! Check them all out here.

    ham sandwich

    ham sandwich

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