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spring fever

    vintage sweater, ksubi jeans, zara platforms

    One day of uninterrupted sunshine wedged between stormy weather and I already think I can get away with dressing like this. Yes, I may not have stepped out of my apartment at all today but I can pretend, right? My bangs have been pissing me off so I'm taking advantage of my day off to explore a life without them. The final verdict? I wouldn't mind doing this every once in a while...

    With Spring coming up, I thought I'd tackle the monster mess in my closet to get a head start on spring cleaning. Umm, is it too late to admit that I am a closet hoarder? I found this awesome oversized sweater that I totally forgot I'd purchased and threw it on as soon as I found it. I found a couple other things as well but I should really stick to my resolution and stop hoarding all of these articles of clothing. Wouldn't they be better on someone who would actually wear them? After running into problems with my blog shop (i.e. people not paying, listing the wrong address, etc.) I considered shutting it down but I'm going to give it one more go. I'm listing three cream silk tops this time so stay tuned! The entries will go up around 8pm pacific time.



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