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the happy couple

    on me: apc dress, h&m cardigan, vintage booties, fjallraven backpack
    on him: apc shirt, april 77 jeans, ymc oxfords

    I wish I could follow these photos with a detailed and flowery description about how wonderful and picture perfect our day was but actually, I don't wish that at all, I like the lulz that accompany this story. We took BART downtown to the only Del Taco in the city where we were harassed by multiple crazy people (God bless their souls, really, but we were way too cranky to deal with that). My go-to order? Two Del Classic Chicken burritos, they're 2 for $5!! Then we walked to the mall so Mike (BF's roommate) could pick up some war memoir at the bookstore and I made my routine venture into J.Crew to oogle everything there/try to convince Brent to buy more collared shirts.

    We left empty handed and stopped by Coffee Bean where I tried to assuage my post-J.Crew window shopping pain with a Jasmine green tea latte. I guess I pouted so much (total understatement) that BF said he'd buy me that Saint James shirt that I wanted. I said he didn't have to (I mean, that's the coy thing to do right?) so we ended up going back down to BART to get home in time for the special episode of Jersey Shore until I stopped at the ticker and yelled "OKAY I WANT IT!" So up we go, up three flights of escalators until we end up at J.Crew (again) and I quickly snatch the shirt and give it to BF. It must have been karma or something but right when BF got in line to pay, my insides started to act up and next think I knew I was running to a bathroom and... well, I'll let you guess what happens there. Ten minutes later, I was still feeling sick and nauseated but Jersey Shore was about to start so we ditched BART and took a cab to get home in time.

    Don't know what inspired me to write about all of that but this Jezebel article has been in the back of my mind for quite a while now. Somehow I got lumped into this "Marthette"category about bloggers with seemingly perfect lives which made me question my own approach to blogging... I mean, am I really that misleading? I try to be honest in what I write but damn it, I just really like looking at and taking pretty pictures and am insufferably picky about what I post. I just want to find and capture those fleeting moments that make me so happy, whether it's an outfit that brightened up my day enough to want to share it or a meal that I feel people may like to hear about. I love hearing about people who travel to San Francisco and try restaurants that I recommend or readers who tell me that my simple little outfits helped them find out something about their own personal style. And hey, pictures can be pretty and all but there's always so much more to people's lives than what you see on the internet and it's up to you guys to discern between the things you see and don't see.**

    But I really, really do love my life even if I tend to complain about it. I love my boyfriend, I love my friends, and damn it, I really did have a ton of fun yesterday so every smile you see is genuine (especially this picture inside Del after finishing my burrito). I don't like embellishing my life or pretending that it's picture perfect since I'm perfectly content with the way it is and where it is going.


    *for the record, I'm surprised these pictures turned out well since we were caught in a gust of wind as Mike took them and were both freezing so much that we huddled up and clutched my latte cup.

    **also, I am not trashing the article at all, I can see where the writer is coming from. What you see online can be misleading but my point is that viewers should know that a blog cannot encapsulate every single detail in a person's life and it varies from blogger to blogger how selective they choose to be with what they post. I'm a very private person, I share what I want to share with people I don't know and keep the rest to myself or friends. If everything seems too perfect and impossible, I'm sorry, but there are things that happen to me behind the scenes that I really don't need to share on the internet (although I'm pretty sure that if you actually read my blog you'll find those random bits where I talk about having a bad week or complain about some stupid situation). I'll still make more of an effort to seem more real, okay? Even if that means more of my uncensored dry humor or current obsession with "Africa" by Toto...

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