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where's the snow?

    A.P.C. sweatshirt + skirt, Rachel Comey boots, Fjallraven backpack

    Went to Japantown to get a new doll while wearing this yesterday. Were we really freaking out about the possibility of snow up until a day ago? I know something light hit Twin Peaks but it wasn't very apparent the next day; in fact, the sky was super clear from Saturday until Monday. Silly San Francisco. It's cold again now but yesterday's weather was so great that I was fine walking around in this.

    Posting these pictures just made me think of these three things: 1. I look too pale since I haven't been out in the sun, 2. my hair is too crazy because I need a haircut and haven't cut it in months, and 3. man, those scars on my knee are ugly, how do I get rid of them?


    ps. Rachel from Need Supply just posted about a few of my favorite places in SF :)

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