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grilled cheese truck in la

    cheesy mac and rib melt

    Although I'd lived in LA for most of my life up until I was 18, this wave of food trucks is relatively new to me since I'm only here for a couple days at a time when I'm on vacation. Of course, I'm used to the occasional taco truck stop every now and then but this was my first time driving out to track down the Grilled Cheese Truck in Hollywood. My friend Karen is a regular customer but we agreed that I HAD to try it this week while I'm home.

    After waiting 20 minutes the truck finally showed up and a huge line quickly formed. I was contemplating getting the special, a pretzel melt with salami, smoked gouda, and spicy mustard (pictured below), but I changed my mind and went with a cheesy mac and rib melt (pictured above) plus tomato soup. Ohhhhh my, it was fantastic! If you want to try the mac and cheese melt, you HAVE to get it with BBQ pork and caramelized onions. If the line hadn't been so long I probably would have ordered a second round. I'm not joking, when I really like something, I obsess over it. Part of me is really tempted to make another trip before I leave but that probably won't happen since I don't have a license :X

    pretzel melt with gouda and salami

    tomato soup

    In any case, if you get the chance, track down the Grilled Cheese Truck, I guarantee you won't be disappointed. Don't forget to follow them on Twitter! I'm bummed that I won't have the time to try other food trucks until I come back in the summer. I especially wanted to visit the Nom Nom Truck yesterday in Pasadena but I wasn't able to make it in time! Sorry Jennifer, hopefully next time!

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