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something different

    Paige Premium Denim Lou Lou Flare in Black Diamond and Hope tux blazer via Revolve Clothing, vintage silk shirt, Swedish Hasbeens

    Yes, I am wearing flares. Yes, I chopped off my hair. My first reaction? WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER? Cutting it was actually very last minute, my appointment was actually for a body wave perm but I opted out the day before. I've had my hair short for the past few days and have not had to do anything to it since it just magically dries like this. If you guys have been keeping up with my tweets, I've also been testing out these Paige flares that Revolve Clothing sent me as part of a series on denim collaborations between my blog and theirs. I really can't remember the last time I wore flared jeans... maybe it was in 8th grade? I'd actually been contemplating changing things up with flares but just couldn't bring myself to dive in and purchase a pair. Well hey, why not try now? I suppose I'm going through some strange phase where I'm experimenting with new styles and reinventing my image while still remaining true to what I already like.


    My final verdict? These jeans are great! They're formfitting like skinny jeans until they hit the knee and flare out without being too extreme. I've already worn them three times since I received them and will probably put them on again today! They're actually surprisingly comfortable, stretchy, and holy crap, look at my rear end. I have a butt! In the end, I'm glad I tried something new and I'll definitely continue to step outside the box and try styles that I don't usually go for.

    paige flares

    Guess what guys? Like the last post but with a little twist, we're giving away THREE pairs of the Paige Lou Lou jean (colors based on availability: Diamond, White Stretch Destruction, Coast, Black Diamond, Rebel or Sardinia) to my readers. To enter you must comment on this post by providing your email and and pasting a link to your favorite Paige jean on Revolve. You can find the selection here

    Please note that by entering this competition you are agreeing to receive emails from Only one entry per email address will be accepted. Open to both domestic and international readers!

    Closing date for entries is Tuesday, April 6th.

    Last week's entries are being processed and the winner will be announced tomorrow!! Good luck with this contest as well, I'm excited to see what you guys have to say.

    ps. for those of you who asked, my nail color in the last post from Essie in Tart Deco.

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