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parkas and pancakes

    saint james striped top, parka from a korean boutique, genetic denim jeans courtesy of revolve, low top converse

    I'm in LA right now visiting family and I've already realized that I didn't bring enough for this 2 or 3 week trip. I naively thought I could get away with shorts and tops but it actually rained here today. Why didn't I pack this parka when I haphazardly put together the contents of my suitcase? Why is the weather even like this in late May? My list of grievances just continues to grow, doesn't it?

    For now, I'll just take advantage of endless snacks in my parent's pantry, Dodger games on local TV, and whatever else comes up to relieve me of my boredom (psst anyone want to hang out while I'm here?). Although I REALLY would like to be back up north since I'm currently experiencing an insane craving for pancakes from Mama's. Anyone know where I can find really amazing pancakes in LA? Maybe I'll track down the Buttermilk Truck one of these days and check them out...

    buttermilk pancakes

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